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Draft Synopsis of Book 2, Power Play

I’m trying to come up with a nice summary of the next book in the Sapphire Angel series. Here’s what I have so far:

Sapphire Angel – Power Play

Ten months ago, Beth Harper was an ordinary woman, trying to finish her final year of college. Now she lives a secret life as the superheroine Sapphire Angel, and yearns to make sure the death of her boyfriend wasn’t for nothing. She was the reason they stumbled into a secret experiment that killed him and imbued her with fantastic powers.

As Sapphire Angel’s fame grows, Beth Harper receives a plea for help from a stranger. He disappears, but not before warning her about Xavier Wheldon, the CEO of a company trying to purchase a nuclear power plant. As Beth tries to unravel Wheldon’s true intentions, she learns he won’t let anyone — including Sapphire Angel — stand in the way of the sale. With time running out to discover Wheldon’s plot before it comes to fruition, the superheroine finds herself firmly in his crosshairs, and is shocked to find he may have someone with the skills, resources, and leverage to take her down.


The next Sapphire Angel story is going to be called Sapphire Angel – Power Play. I’m currently sharing a draft of it with a limited audience. I imagine this will take a few months. At the same time, I’ve started on the third story, name unknown at present. I actually started this one a couple years ago, got part way through it, and then turned my attention to writing and reworking the first two stories. I anticipate book 3 being shorter and more streamlined than Power Play, which I fear might get a bit contorted at times (and long), because of its long history and several reworkings.

Sapphire Angel – Beginnings – Free Download

The debut Sapphire Angel novel, Sapphire Angel – Beginnings, is now available as a free download from the Books page of this site. This is the story of Beth Harper, who finds herself imbued with amazing powers when a Halloween lark turns real – and tragic. But Beth doesn’t relish the idea of becoming one of the real-life superheroes she’s read in her boyfriend’s comic books. The idea feels so clichéd it makes a mockery of the doom closing in on her. But faced with the possibility of even greater loss, Beth must decide whether to run from her fate or use her powers to save those she loves. Along the way, she learns that her new powers might mean more than she thought.

Sapphire Angel - Beginnings cover

Next Book In Progress

The tentative title for the next Sapphire Angel story is Sapphire Angel – Power Play. I’d say I’m in the process of writing it, but that would be incorrect. I’ve actually been in the process of editing it for quite some time. This story was written several years ago, and has undergone several revisions. Most recently I’ve been editing it, slowly but surely, to better reflect the events in the first story, and what has happened in Beth’s life. At times I think I would have been better off starting fresh with book #2, but that ship has sailed at this point.


There’s not much to see here yet, but I’m hoping to change that soon. Everything is subject to change, but my plan right now is to make the first Sapphire Angel novel, Sapphire Angel – Beginnings, available as a free download. I just need to get it formatted and converted to a PDF (and possibly other formats) for download.

Recognizing it is a bit presumptuous to assume people care about my thought process, I nonetheless also plan to occasionally blog about the writing process.

Thanks for checking in!